“Silvana has ‘wowed’ every client I have booked her for. Armed with rare gift of quickly assessing an audience’s needs and style, she lights up the room with creative fun while providing valuable information. This speaker will always exceed your expectations!”
Margy Peterson, Seattle Bookings Speakers Bureau

Looking for a speaker to present practical information in a light-hearted way? Silvana knows people learn best when they are actively involved.

That’s why your group will be participating in non-threatening role play activities, taking informative quizzes and hearing about the latest research on the topic.

More Information Than You Want To Know about Silvana:

  • She spent 8 years using creativity to get her dog “famous”. It must have worked because he’s done commercials for Honda, Chrysler, Reebok, Red Devil Paint and many others.
  • Was awarded, “Outstanding Recreation Programmer” for Washington State because of her creative programming ideas.
  • She wrote Taming The Marketing Jungle to help small business owners learn creative marketing ideas.
  • Silvana has sold over 100,000 novelty “Panic” button computer keys, all without paid advertising.
  • In addition, Silvana has written 12 books and over 300 magazine articles.
  • She’s been interviewed on over 50 radio and television shows, including  appearances on QVC, The 700 Club, and Trading Spouses.
  • She carried the Olympic torch for the 2002 Olympics!
  • Her greatest accomplishment, (in her opinion) is being happily married for 38 years, (to a man who is a combination of Jim Carrey and Steve Martin), and having two wonderful daughters.
  • She’s a dynamic speaker and a disastrous cook!

As a professional speaker, Silvana’s highly interactive programs give audiences the chance to learn in a variety of ways. She uses spontaneous surveys, humorous quizzes and small group activities. Whether giving a keynote or a break-out session, your audience leaves with new ideas as well as the skills needed to carry out those new ideas.

Speaking Topics

Facebook Schmacebook:

This is Silvana’s most requested topic. Yes, social media is important, but don’t overlook creative ways to use traditional marketing techniques for organizations and small business owners looking for effective, low cost marketing ideas. Learn public relation secrets to give you local and national media coverage. Promote your business on a low budget, yet get high results and increased business.

Managing Millennials When They Don’t Want to be Managed:

These 20-somethings are taking over the workplace! How do you manage young, energetic entry level employees who feel entitled to a corner office and flexible schedules? Discover ways to channel their creativity and can-do attitude so they are an asset to your company.

Motivating Your Employees When You Can’t Give Them A New BMW:

Can’t give your staff a trip around the world or a new car? Try giving them psychological paychecks or special interest awards. Discover what really motivates your staff. See how to create a positive work environment, create unified goals and increase productivity. Over 25 practical ways to help your employees work to the best of their abilities.

Coping With Change With A Camera In Your Face:

Silvana’s appearance on the FOX reality show, Trading Spouses, ties in with her keynote about adapting to change. She spent one week with a family of complete strangers while their mom lived with her family. Silvana soon had her new family experiencing a change in their behavior and lifestyle…hopefully for the better!

Current and Past Clients:

 Current and Past Clients:

Athletic Business Conference
National Girl Scouts
Kansas Parks and Recreation Association (along with 20 other state Park and Recreation conferences)
Starwood hotels
National Employee Involvement Association
International Festival Association
British Columbia Activity Professionals
MWR conferences in the US, Europe and Japan
American Camping Association
Tri-State Camping Conference
Illinois Healthcare Association (along with 15 other state healthcare conferences)
National Roller Skating Association
Christian Camping International
Crystal Cathedral International Women’s Conference
Department of Social and Health Services
Hobby Industry Association
National Association of Parks and Campgrounds