“Silvana spent six weeks living with 125 Millennials at a camp in New England.
She got a first-hand look at how they think!”

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Which of the following are true about Silvana Clark?

A. She’s written 12 books…especially notable since she types with two fingers.

B. Without any marketing experience, she promoted her dog to star in TV commercials, print ads and advertising campaigns.

C. She’s been a spokesperson for a craft company, Pillsbury and the shoe charity, Soles4Souls.

D. She’s sold over 200,000 novelty PANIC computer keys as gag gifts.

E. She spent a week living with complete strangers as part of the FOX reality show, Trading Spouses.

F. She’s a gourmet cook and baker extraordinaire!

G. Silvana loves staying home and gardening or decorating her house.

Answer: All of the above…except “F”. She can barely boil water to make instant oatmeal.

Wait! “G” is also false!

Millenials vs. Babyboomers Silvana Clark

The Antidote to “OK Boomer”!

We get it. Boomers and Millennials can be two distinct cultures that are expected to seamlessly interact and work together. But how? The book,  Boomers Versus Millennials…Millennials Versus Boomers is a “two books in one” flip book format. That’s right…read the book with Boomers Versus Millennials on the cover. Then “flip” the book over and read Millennials Versus Boomers.

The book offers:

  • An easy to read format. Who needs boring statistics and meaningless facts?
  • Alternating perspectives of Boomers and Millennials.
  • Practical tips to build understanding, support and acceptance with both groups.
  • Ideas for Millennials and Boomers to understand different viewpoints on dealing with change, decision making, diversity and much more!

So instead of saying “OK Boomer” and “OK Millennial” read this flip book and flip your impression of each generation.

Ideal holiday gift for your favorite Millennial or Boomer!


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